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Bigg Boss 9: OMG! Prince and Mandana share an intimate moment through 'foot' massage

India TV Entertainment Desk 21 Jan 2016, 20:27:38 IST
India TV Entertainment Desk

New Delhi: Some people are made for each other while there are some who can't even see eye to eye. Prince Narula and Mandana karimi of Bigg Boss 9 belong to the second category.

Right from day one, the two have always been on the opposite sides of the table. But now, as the show is in its final week, equations are turning.

As per the report published in MissMalini.com, Prince will be seen giving a foot massage to Mandana in tonight's episode.

Yes! The impossible has happened.

Though, initially the two will get involved into a heated argument during a task and will blame each other for being selfish.

But, later in the day when they will be left alone in the house, as Rochelle and Rishabh will be out for promotions, Prince and Mandana will patch up.

And not only this, Prince will give foot massage to his foe-turned-friend Manadna in the reality show.

Well! Seeing their proximity we can't go away saying that nothing is impossible in the Bigg Boss house.