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Bigg Boss 9: Rochelle Rao gets eliminated from the show before finale

India TV Entertainment Desk 23 Jan 2016, 18:35:10 IST
India TV Entertainment Desk

New Delhi: It's just few hours left for Bigg Boss 9 finale and it seems that there are still more twists and turns waiting for the contestants and the audience.

Recently there was a buzz that Mandana Karimi had been evicted from the show.

But these just turned out to be rumours and here comes the actual shock for everyone.

A surprise elimination has been made in Bigg Boss just few minutes ago and it's Rochelle Rao who has been evicted now.

Yes! Mandana Karimi is still in the race, but Rochelle is out now.

According to the media reports, Rochelle has been evicted on the basis of the votes received as she received the least number of votes.

Indeed, it is a big shock for Rochelle as she had to leave the show after being so close to finale.

Infact her elimination must be a shock for her beau Keith as well, who was pinning hopes for her win.

But Bigg Boss as always has some last moment surprise.

Now with Rochelle evicted, the fight is on between Mandana Karimi, Rishabh Sinha and Prince Narula. If the BB9 ex-contestants are to be believed, its Prince Narula who will win the show.

Let's see who will take the winning trophy home tonight.