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Bigg Boss 9 Contestant No 14: Arvind Vegda, Gujarati folk singer on his national recognition way?

India TV Entertainment Desk 11 Oct 2015, 23:31:50 IST
India TV Entertainment Desk

New Delhi: Arvind Vegda is a Gujarati folk singer who shot to fame with his album ‘Bhai Bhai'.

He sold more than 5 lakh CDs of the album in Gujarat alone. His debut music video album boasts of more than 2 lakh hits on YouTube.

‘Bhai Bhai' is one of the most popular song in Gujarat is played in almost all Garba events across the state.

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He was also roped in by the BJP for its 2012 election campaign.  

Vegda is known for his versatility and experimenting with his music. He is also  a mentor to many budding musical talents from Gujarat.