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Bigg Boss Day 51: Task breaks P3G group, fight breaks between wild card entrants (view pics)

India TV Entertainment Desk 12 Nov 2014, 12:29:06 PM IST
India TV Entertainment Desk

New Delhi: With each passing day, the equation between Bigg Boss contestants keeps changing. The day 51 in Bigg Boss witnessed the roller-coaster ride of emotions and feelings.

The episode started with a small glimpse of day 50 night. New wild card entry Nigaar Khan surprised the housemates and Diandra looked the most pleased with her entry.

Gautam asked Diandra to decide on the sleeping situation since Nigaar will also need a bed now.

He requested to share a bed with Ali and while everyone was ready to adjust, Karishma had problems giving up her bed and shifting to another.

On day 51 morning we saw the latest entry in the Bigg Boss house, Nigaar Khan was ready to face all kind of things from other inmates and smoothen the roughly edged relationships.

Luxury budget task 'Sab Dhurandar Hotel ke Andar' began in which all old contestants were to be butlers and the new contestants were guests of the hotel. Diandra is the owner.

Guests could at any time ask only 2 of the butlers to do their work and tip them if happy with the service. Butler with the most amount of money wins and this money can be gained by any means.

The first fight broke between newbies Dimpy and Renee when the latter tried to break the rules of the game.

When Dimpy tried to make her understand the rules, Renee lost her cool and kicked the chair and stormed off.

Praneet and Pritam crack a deal with Aarya and Upen and decide to steal money and divide it amongst themselves equally.

Gautam then found Dimpy's safe keys lying around so he picks it up and Renee voluntarily gave her keys to him.

Renee later asked Aarya and Upen to get her money back by breaking the safe. She promised to tip them for this task so the two break the safe and get her money out.

In between Ali and Karishma steal some more money.

Gautam, who had not yet used Dimpy's keys, came in to take money out of her safe. Dimpy tried to pull him away but Praneet jumped in, locked the safe and returned the keys to Dimpy.

Gautam felt hurt by Praneet's betrayal and with the help of Ali stole all of Dimpy and Nigaar's money.
Gautam confronted Praneet and Pritam on why are they not supporting him in the task as a friend and the two shrugged him off. Ali then convinced Gautam to return the money so they can resume the task

Praneet cracks a deal with Dimpy and sells his bed to her for Rs.3lacs.Praneet tried to keep Dimpy busy while Pritam steals money from her safe and hides it.

P3G group sits in for a discussion and Puneet expresses his wish to make Gautam captain.

Pritam and Praneet straight out reject the idea and also add that only when Puneet is out from the jail will they help Gautam to become captain. He's a friend but not suitable for captaincy.

Later in the night Gautam breaks down in front of Puneet as he feels hurt by Praneet and Pritam's fake friendship. This house can really change the best of relations!
Watch this space for more news from BB house.