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Bipasha Basu loves being 'crusader of horror' in Bollywood

PTI 22 Aug 2014, 21:40:24 PM IST
Mumbai: Bipasha Basu, who has acted in several films in the horror/ super-natural genre, says she is happy being ‘crusader of horror films' in Bollywood.

Bipasha has acted in ‘Aatma', ‘Raaz, ‘Darna Zaroori Hai', ‘Rakht', and will next be seen in Vikram Bhatt's ‘Creature'.

“I am a greedy actor. I want to do good...meaty roles irrespective of the genre. I am happy filmmakers think of me when it comes to horror films.
Also my roles in such films have been different and strong. I am happy being the crusader of horror films,” Bipasha told PTI in an interview here.

The dusky beauty however thinks the horror genre in India is in the nascent stage.

“Horror genre is not explored much here. This genre is in its nascent stage here in India. There are many interesting things to explore in horror space,” she said.

But her acting in horror films has not made her immune to fear in the real life. “Even if there is a little noise around me, I get scared,” she said.
‘Creature', she said, is different from usual ghost, spirit and supernatural films and has a different element of fear.

“It is the first Indian creature film being made here, the special effects are done in India. Its a bold step and I am glad I got to be part of this film. I don't think we made the film thinking it as an answer to Hollywood films like Jurassic Park,” Bipasha said.

“It was very difficult film for me to shoot initially as I had to imagine the ‘Creature'. But Vikram's guidance helped me a lot. We used to do every shot at least three times due to technical reasons,” she said.