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Canadian producer David Miller loves India, can shoot all day long

IANS 23 Nov 2014, 12:19:18 PM IST

Panaji: Canadian producer David Miller has made films like "Amal" and "Siddharth" in India and is set to make more as he loves shooting in the country, and can do it all day long.

Miller fell in love with India on his maiden visit itself.

"In February 2006, I came here for development trip to Mumbai, then Delhi. It was mindblowing. It was something I've never experienced. I came back in the fall of 2006 and made 'Amal' here. We shot in November and December. It is an amazing country.

"I've been here five to six times now. The way people here survive and live, it really gets to your heart," Miiller told IANS here after a presentation on co-producing with Canada and panel discussion on treaty application to project case studies at the Film Bazaar.

He also considers India as a good shooting location.

"If you are here and you start shooting a movie, it's going to be gorgeous because in India you can capture such beauty even in the slums or tough places. I can shoot here all day long," he said.

As much as he loves India, he says there are a certain things one needs to get used to.

"I am a control freak, but you can't control everything in India like traffic and you need to learn that. It takes time," he said.

Miller will be back next year to India to work on a film that revolves around electronic dance music (EDM).

"It will be a commercial film around EDM. Sunburn (EDM festival) is big here. The movie is called 'Electronic Wonderland'. I will come back next year to shoot in Goa," he revealed.

He will also make a "dramatic piece".

"The next is 'City of Dreams'. It is more of a dramatic piece about a girl trying to believe in her dreams to be a Bollywood star. I will shoot it in Mumbai or Delhi," he shared.

The movie may have a connection with Bollywood, but the producer says he has not seen Bollywood much.

"I have seen a few Bollywood films. I think there is an audience for every kind of content. I do commercial films too as long as the story is good, but independent stories usually appeal to me more. But if a story of a Hollywood or Bollywood film is compelling, I am interested as audience and a producer," he said.

India and Canada signed a co-production agreement early this year. It will enable film producers of both countries to utilise a platform for collaboration on various facets of filmmaking.

And Miller believes this will make the process of making films here smoother.