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Chetan Says Sorry To Fans, Not To 3 Idiots Team

PTI 09 Jan 2010, 15:11:48 IST

Writer Chetan Bhagat, who is currently in Ahmedabad to interact with students of a CAT coaching institute, said on Friday that he had not apologized to the 3 Idiots team.

"I had, in fact, said sorry to all my fans and readers who were disturbed by the controversy over my not getting due credit for the story of the film," he said. "I did not want my fans to be upset by all that was happening; hence, I apologized." 

Last week, Bhagat had criticised the '3 idiots' team, including its director Raj Kumar Hirani, producer Vidhu Vinod Chopra, for not giving him due credit for the film's story. He had claimed that '3 idiots' was a screen adaptation of his book, 'Five Point Someone'. 

However, it was later reported in the media that Bhagat had apologised to the film's team, saying that he and his fans now wanted to move on. But what about Aamir Khan whom, Bhagat has said, he loves?

"I had thousands of my fans writing to me to say that they had started hating Aamir because of the controversy," Bhagat said. "But I have no problems with Aamir. So I said publicly that I loved Aamir Khan." 

And what would he say to Aamir?  "Oh, I would ask him for a bowl of dahi (curd) as neighbours frequently do," Bhagat joked, reports DNA. 

The author, who is an alumnus of IIM-Ahmedabad, said he loved this city. "I have spent some of my happiest years in Ahmedabad," he said nostalgically. "I met my wife here, did my MBA at IIM-A, and made a lot of good friends here."