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Bigg Boss 8, Day 47: Renee, Dimpy kick start the house politics! (see pics)

India TV Entertainment Desk November 09, 2014 10:44 IST
India TV Entertainment Desk

Day 47 in Bigg Boss 8 house started with Puneet and Gautam convincing captain Daindra to let them cook oats for breakfast. Diandra tells them that they should eat whatever has been cooked for the entire house.

Gautam and Karishma get into a heated argument over cooking of oats in the kitchen. Karishma says that he and Puneet did not eat oats, when they were given during a luxury task. Karishma also warns Gautam that she will deal with him once she is out of the house.

In the afternoon, the main gates of BB house are opened and a new contestant Renee, an ex-MTV Roadies contestant enters the house.


Later, Renee is seen taking seat near Puneet's jail and chatting with him, Pritam, Sushant, Praneet and Ali. Renee starts the house politics by instigating P3G gang about Karishma and Ali.

While having a conversation with Ali, Sushant warns Ali about Renee and says that Renee is a tough contestant and the one who will try to lock horns with her will be a dead.

In the evening, another wild card entry of Dimpy Mahajan surprises Bigg Boss 8 housemates. Bigg Boss announces the entry of two contestants and welcomes them home.

At night, Dimpy and Renee are shown having a private talk. Dimpy tells Renne, how Sonali gave her a cold shoulder. They also discuss the sad episode of Sonali and Ali, when Ali had inappropriately touched her.

After the dinner, Gautam shows Praneet the mess kept in a kitchen corner. Praneet tells Gautam to lead by example and clean the mess himself. Gautam is irritated with Praneet's suggestion, which leads to a big fight between them in the garden area.

After some time, Praneet and Gautam are separated by Puneet, Pritam and others. Dimpy, Pritam and Puneet tell the two to kiss and makeup. Gautam stands up first to hug Praneet and then Praneet also comes forward to hug him and end the fight.

In the night, Dimpy is seen badmouthing Sonali with Puneet and Gautam. Later Gautam while having a chat with P3G gang suggests that their group should remain cordial with Sonali but should not include her in group discussions as she is not trustworthy at all.

He also mentions that first she tried to get close to him. But when he didn't show any interest, she started snubbing him.

Now it has to be seen, what Renee and Dimpy do in the house in the coming days.