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Take a break! June 21 is also Fête de la Musique Day!

India TV News Desk 20 Jun 2015, 17:29:16 PM IST
India TV News Desk

If you are tired of listening too much about Yoga then here's a break for you.

Let's tell you that apart from International Yoga Day, June 21 is also Fête de la Musique Day!

As the word can give you a hint, the day is related to music. It is celebrated in around 120 countries of the world and it witnesses an entire-day music celebration by music lovers; preferably outdoors.

Music lovers pay homage to not only musicians – old and new – on this day but to the different genres of music as well. Musicians also offer to perform for free in parks, museums, stations etc. All in all, it is the day of music, listening music, playing music and celebrating its essence and existence.

The interesting and soul-touching idea is said to have conceived in France in 1981 by an American musician – Joel Cohen. The noted musician after spending around two seasons as a producer of musical radio programme for a national French radio thought to celebrate the start of summer by linking it with an all-night celebration of music. Hence, June 21 was recognized a day which is considered as start of summers in some countries. Later, the same was made official by the French minister of Culture, Jack Lang and the event turned out to be an entire day and night celebration for those passionate about music.

Eventually, Fête de la Musique or Make Music Day gained recognition in several other nations also like US, Germany, Australia and China and India too.

This year also several countries have hosted special concerts, music celebrations to mark the day. The 34th edition of the music day will be celebrated in India as well.