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Filmmaking not just for rich kids, says CFSI CEO Shravan Kumar

IANS 16 Nov 2014, 22:31:43 PM IST

New Delhi: Films can be made by children irrespective of their background, says Children's Film Society of India's (CFSI) CEO Shravan Kumar.

At the National Children's Film Festival (NCFF), organised by CSFI, Kumar said filmmaking doesn't differentiate on the basis of one's financial status.

Giving an example of award-winning film “Phoolwati Amma”, Kumar said it was directed by two girls from sixth standard with humble background.

It had won the second best award at 18th Golden Elephant International Film Festival.

“Last year, in the 18th Golden Elephant, I had curated a section called 'Little Directors' in which films made by children were competing. We have a stereotypical notion that filmmaking is generally for children with elite background.

"These two girls, who made 'Phoolwati Amma', came from a very humble background. One of their parents' used to work as a domestic help," he told IANS.

“...You have children studying in municipal schools and making movies that are winning awards. They won the second best award, The Golden Plaque. It is wonderful and it gave me immense satisfaction,” he added.

Kumar also highlighted that it is important for filmmakers to be extra careful while making children's films.

He said: “We at CFSI are very thorough in choosing the films so right from the synopsis stage to the screenplay, there are a lot of intense debates with the filmmakers.

"That is the most important thing, we consider all the aspects and then we finalise the film as the young mind is very impressionable.”

This was the first edition of the NCFF organised at the Siri Fort Auditorium here. The festival featured films like Seemaa Desai's “Pappu ki Pugdandi” and Amole Gutpe's “Hawaa Hawaai”.

Exhibitions and workshops were also organised for children.

The three-day festival opened Friday on Children's Day and concluded Sunday.