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For Good Health, SRK Wears An Emerald Ring

PTI 08 Dec 2010, 13:27:46 IST
Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan was convinced by wife Gauri to wear an emerald  ring for good health, says a media report. It is the first time in 20 years that he has done such a thing.

Shah Rukh  is wearing the emerald ring on the little finger of his hand. In the last 20 years of his career since Deewaana (1992) the actor has stayed away from the stuff that fascinates the rest of the film industry: Astrology, numerology, tarot etc.

He has never added (or subtracted) a letter from his name, or that from his films to balance them for luck.

He has never consulted calendars for auspicious dates for his films. And has never worn any stones on his hands. The only jewellery the actor has sported since forever is his gold wedding band.

The emerald ring was first spotted on the actor when he returned from his Berlin schedule for Don 2.

SRK is a non-believer and it was his wife Gauri who consulted an astrologer and got the gold ring with an emerald stone made for her hubby.

An astrologer who is familiar with SRK's kundli (horoscope) says, "From 2008 his astral chart is under the influence of Saturn (Shani) which is why he's been recommended the emerald stone. This stone controls the negative influence of Shani on the health and wealth of the person wearing it."

The source adds that in recent years, SRK's health has been cause of concern.

"In recent years, his health has taken a beating. There's a recurring shoulder injury, a weak knee and a back problem for which he's had surgery.  He has been advised to wear the stone to stop the ill-effects on his health."

Says an insider, "He has been asked to wear the stone because his Mercury antardasha is about to begin. It will be there for two years and a couple of months. It is also great for media and communications."

Another superstar Amitabh Bachchan also wears the green emerald to combat his illnesses; mostly, stomach related problems. After wearing the stone, he has not only maintained good health but also improved his financial situation.

Astrologer Ajay Bhonsle says, "An emerald is worn on the little finger and the stone has to be transparent and clean. The stone doesn't have any harmful effects and anyone can wear it but it is very important to study your astrological chart before wearing any kind of stone as most stones can  have adverse effects.

"Every disease in the body is ruled by a planet, so if you are wearing a stone to combat an illness, then it has to be worn only after proper consultation."