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From Karan's Show, Shahid, Priyanka Leave On A Bike

PTI 08 Dec 2010, 13:39:01 IST
Bollywood actors Shahid Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra wouldn't admit to being a couple on Koffee With Karan but their exit journey from the venue dictated a different story, says a media report.

Both shot for Koffee With Karan on Sunday. However, they defiantly dodged all attempts by the host to get them into a confessional mode.

While the two may not have declared their relationship status on national television, eyewitnesses swear that Priyanka and Shahid left the shoot separately (she in her car and he on his bike) but after a three-minute drive, Shahid stopped his bike, Priyanka got out of her car and on to his bike. They sped off soon after.

A source reveals that the point behind Shaks and PC's appearance on the show was to prove to the world that they are NOT a couple. At least, not any more.

An insider reveals, "They share a warm chemistry. They text-messaged each other and reached the venue on time. They indulged in humorous banter with one another and with Karan. At one point, the host asked them point-blank, if they were a real-life couple. The answer was so non-committal and long-winded that even the seasoned host was left scratching his head."