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You'll surely rip out your brain after watching this boxing video!

India TV News Desk 07 Nov 2014, 16:20:33 PM IST
India TV News Desk

Need some boxing lessons? Well, this video clip from a Bollywood flick might come in handy.

Here you can literally learn how hilariously easy it is to learn intricacies of boxing. We are yet to figure out, was it a boxing match or were they dancing to the tune of ‘Jhil mil jhil mil londa' (Bhaag Milkha Bhaag)? oops Farhan was not even born then.

Looks like in Indian cinema in early black-n-white phase took audience's conscience for granted. You'll just fail to figure out were they punching or caressing each other?

And don't forget to catch up the very own 'Wrestling' glimpse out there in the audience.

Even the background score is made to look as something very tense is going on the stage which only adds to the hilarity of the situation.

There is no doubt that in those days cinematic craft was in its budding stage, but this is too lame by those standards also!
Had ‘Mike Tyson' seen this video, he might have quit boxing.

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