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Genelia Sports The Schoolgirl Look

PTI 14 Jan 2010, 14:11:23 PM IST

Budding Bollywood actor Genelia D'Souza on Tuesday made a public appearance to promote her forthcoming film Chance Pe Dance in a cropped jumpsuit, vest, canvas shoes and chunky bangles.

Genelia decidedly went for a schoolgirl chic look. The Jaane Tu ... star is making a deliberate effort to project a particular image.

Genelia has carved a niche for herself by making public appearances in capri pants, waistcoats, bubble skirts and check shorts rounded off by colourful keds and ponytails, even without doing too many roles that typecast her in the schoolgirl chic genre.

The look is similar to Britney Spears's in her One More Time album or the latest teen sensation Hannah Montana in the way she dresses up.

The look connects at once with school and college going youngsters as well as young men who find the naughty schoolgirl look ever fascinating.

Even her make- up is fresh with a lot of play on the eyes with funky colours.

In a media interview, Genelia D'Souza spelled out her dating rules, fashion fundas and why she prefers being sexy, as in ‘naughty' rather than ‘sultry'.

Asked whether she would prefer to be sexy rather than the girl-next-door, Her reply was:  “Yes, of course. But right now I am very comfortable in my space. I love the work I get and I'm not in a hurry to grow up. Aditi in Jaane Tu… was aggressive; my character in Chance pe Dance (CPD) is milder, calmer and has a sweet, feminine side. Yet both characters are girls-next-door.”

Asked whether should like to play a sex bomb, she said:  “I don't know whether I can, it depends on the script. It is something I haven't thought about. I'd rather be spunky than sexy. I like being schoolgirl sexy, like the ‘naughty' sexy.”

Asked whom she would hit given a chance, Shahid, Harman or John, she said: “You can't expect me to choose. And now that CPD  is releasing, it has to be Shahid. (laughs)”

Did she ever make the first move in a relationship, Genelia's reply was:  “No, never. I would never do that. I would probably smile, but I would never make the first move on a guy for sure.”

Asked whether a girl ever made a pass at her, she said: “No, never! “(laughs)

Asked about some dance moves she liked, she said: “I like the signature move of the song Papapa (CPD), because I think it is something that everyone can do. I love what Shahid has done in Pump it up. I think he has really, really rocked. For me dancing is going mad, letting down your hair and having a blast.”

How about salsa and jive, she said:  “Oh, I would love to do salsa. I am Christian, so I have done a lot of jiving and I love the co-ordinated lifts, but you need a terrific partner to do it.”

Asked which Hollywood actor she would date, she said: “My all-time favourite star is Tom Cruise, but I would choose Brad Pitt for a date.”