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Gujarati actor Naresh Kanodia files complaint after fake death news goes viral

PTI 14 Aug 2014, 13:24:28 PM IST
Gandhinagar: Veteran Gujarati movie actor and former BJP MLA Naresh Kanodia approached the Gandhinagar police today, seeking action against those who allegedly spread rumours about his "death" on WhatsApp and other social media platforms.

Irked by phone calls and SMSes since yesterday night inquiring about his well-being, Kanodia filed a complaint at the Sector-7 police station here seeking action against those spreading rumours about his death.

"Based on a complaint filed by Kanodia, we have filed an FIR against unidentified people under the IT Act," police inspector J M Bharwad said, adding that investigations have been started in the case.

Though the rumour has been doing the rounds since yesterday night, police investigations revealed that someone had posted a photograph, which looked like a "screenshot" of a Gujarati TV news channel broadcasting the "news" of Kanodia's "death" as 'Breaking News'.

On being questioned, a representative of the TV news channel pointed out several mistakes in the screenshot, which proved that the accused had put together Kanodia's photo, background, text and channel logo to make it appear authentic, the officer said, adding that further investigations were on.