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6 things we just love about Gutthi-Palak!

India TV News Desk 04 Nov 2014, 19:59:40 PM IST
India TV News Desk

Comedian Kapil Sharma is doing something that no doctor could forcefully do; he is making an entire nation laugh their heart-out on weekends!

Every Saturday-Sunday, Indian TV viewers are glued on their TV sets from 10:00pm onwards to watch out the rib-tickling episodes of 'Comedy Nights with Kapil'.

Kapil along with his entire team including, Dadi, Manju, Bua, Raju, Palak & Guthi, are working at great extents to pitch out some hilarious episodes to satiate their audiences hunger for laughing dose.

Apart from Kapil's awesome comic-timing, Manju's all-time 'bezzati' by her husband, Dadi's 'mehfil' with young dudes (guests), and Bua's 'anti-young' tactics, there is something which viewers just can't get enough of - Guthi & Palak.

With due respect to other team members, Guthi-Palak's appearance is the most awaited thing of the night. But what's so much about their on-screen appearance that makes the night lit-up!



1. Sophisticated 'gidda' vs Dynamic 'freestyle'





2. 'Sport shoes'


Can anybody look as awesome as this duo with 'sport shoes' under punjabi salwaar-kameez?



3. Guthi's introduction




4. Palak's innocence



5. The 'ohooooooo ohooooo' & juice me




6. Their hatred for 'Bitto Sharma'