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Harshad Chopra feels change has become part of her lifestyle

IANS November 07, 2014 19:50 IST

New Delhip: Actor Harshad Chopra, best known for his roles in “Left Right Left” and "Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil", admits his reel life has impacted his real life, but he cannot pinpoint any one change.

“I have actually forgotten what changes came because those changes have become a part of my lifestyle now," he said when asked how life changed since he became an actor.

"In real life, I try to be a little disciplined. That is the most difficult part being an actor because we shoot at odd hours. It's like if I am not working, I miss work now,” Harshad told IANS.

The 31-year-old is back on the small screen as Sahir Chaudhary in TV show “Humsafars” and says his character is somebody who is disappointed from life.

"He hates showing his emotions. The only place he gets happiness is at his work. He is very particular and possessive about his work," added the actor.

Also seen in shows like “Tere Liye”, “Dharampatni” and “Amber Dhara”, Harshad's motto is to pick characters that are different from each other.

“Every time I come onscreen, I feel that there should be something different about me. God has been kind and I think somewhere the effort I have put in to do or achieve this change has been rewarded by god,” he said.

He also believes in doing one show at a time and added: "There is a certain amount of commitment that is required. To bring a change in a character, you can't do too many things at a time."

Any plans to enter filmdom?

“I think as actors we can't really plan things. We can think about a lot of things. There is a right time. It's all about working hard. Surely somewhere in future we will be rewarded for it," he said.