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WARNING: Be at a safe distance from screen or these action scenes might screw your brain!

India TV News Desk 15 Nov 2014, 10:20:53 AM IST
India TV News Desk

 As we all know, actors in South Indian cinema enjoy the status of God, and when God decides to punish humans then it is quite understandable that it will be well beyond the purview of mortals like us.

We have compiled a list of 10 action videos from such movies.

Defying logic is a thing of the past, these scenes are not even supernatural and please keep your brains in the closet for a few minutes and these are not to be understood, you will have only one option left after watching these videos; laugh, laugh and die out laughing...

Here's a collection of some hilarious action scenes from South Indian cinema:

1) Chiranjeevi and the horse slides under the truck


2) Flying car and jeep along with a classy hand cut scene


3) RajniKanth takes the fatal blow of knife in his mouth

Source: SunTV


4) Vijaykanth reflecting back the bullet and villains are shot dead


5) Coding in Windows Media Player : Insane stuff


6) When he stands, Gundas are flown back and when he moves then…..


7) Black and white classic, villain in this scene has been imported from Bollywood


8) Chuck Norris will be ashamed after watching this


9) Rajnikath's cyclone formation


10) No words to describe this scene, it is better to watch this than to hear about this