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Salman Khan's tweets converted into a hilarious song (watch video)

India TV Entertainment Desk 09 Aug 2014, 7:38:23 AM IST
India TV Entertainment Desk
New Delhi: Salman Khan's fan following is terrific and massive and it's this grandeur of him that turns his tiniest of gestures and associations into big things. The latest to have clicked to his majestic popularity is a video taking dig on his ‘tweets' so far.

Salman Khan and his quite unique tweets that the actor has posted in the recent past have been stringed together with music and sarcasm to celebrate his splendid persona.

Making fun of his weird tweets is the team A.I.B (All Indian Bakchod), who has turned the amalgamation of Salman's tweets into a classical package coined as ‘Raag Salman.'

This hilarious video has everything from Salman's famous Bollywood dance steps to his body language and gestures, ready to take you on a laughter ride.

Such a display of creativity is surely captivating the eyes of Salman's fans and the composed song has been deemed to have contained the answers of all the problems of the universe.

Check out this video here…


This concept crafted by A.I.B in itself a creative one that incorporates humour, fun, illogical sense and sarcasm to the core.