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Bang Bang #TuMeri song review: Hrithik's crackling moves sweep you off your feet (watch video)

India TV News Desk 22 Aug 2014, 20:20:06 PM IST
India TV News Desk
New Delhi: Hrithik Roshan has once again proved his on screen prowess with the latest song #TuMeri from Bang Bang. The man shows his grandeur amid the beautifully lit up world dancing for lovely Katrina Kaif.

His terrific dance moves accompanied by the magic that Katrina spills with her presence, make the song a good, energetic number. Also, a feel-good feeling surrounds you apart from the complete energy and fun that Tu Meri serves you anyways, when you constantly keep listening to it.

Sung by Vishal Dadlani, the song has got a massive intriguing appeal and no doubt Hrithik's incomparable charm is just adding to it. The music, lyrics and the singing together make Tu Meri entertaining but it is Hrithik's marvelous energy that actually shapes the song.

While Tu Meri seems not to be one of the best or memorable performances from Hrithik's dancing closet, it is a sure shot entertaining one. The eclectic mood including those sparkles and dazzles ablating the sky from the man's vigour and the whole lot of romance finding room around the couple, Tu Meri is a brilliant visual treat.

Katrina Kaif who looked scintillating in the teaser of the film doing a bit of action looks equally impressive in the song too as she wears a red mini and justifies her chemistry with Hrithik Roshan.

‘Na Janu me, na jane tu…hua ye jaadu kaise, jo mera tha vo kho gaya…jo tera tha vo mil gaya ho jaise…' lyrics appear in synch with the mood of the song. But, for the fact that almost the entire ‘antara' makes you go breathless as it progresses, mentions appreciation for the singer here.

Tu Meri seems a little more than an average foot-tapping number that is all about Hrithik Roshan grooving to it. But, the song doesn't appear standing at par or around anywhere across the periphery of his earlier songs like ‘Ek Pal Ka Jeena' or ‘Dhoom macha le' for that matter.

Watch the newly out mesmerizing video of the song ‘Tu Meri' from Hrithik-Katrina starrer Bang Bang here…


Despite the visible verity that Hrithik and his uber flexible body have not been utilized to their fullest, Tu Meri gives you enough reasons to dance, celebrate and get romantically energetic!

Directed by Siddharth Anand, #BangBang is slated for release on October 2.