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Hrithik-Sussanne split: Granddad Rakesh sets up breakfast for grandkids

India TV Entertainment Desk 04 August 2014, 19:16
India TV Entertainment Desk
New Delhi: Hrithik-Susanne's separation seems to be a tough task for the entire family to deal with as the elders are ensuring the lives of Hrehaan-Hridhaan aren't affected.

With Hrithik Roshan and Susanne Roshan filing for divorce, the family elders are left with no option to protect their (couple's) kids from the awaiting aftermath.

Grandparents Rakesh Roshan and Pinki Roshan are leaving no stone unturned to load their grandkids with immense love and affection.

Ever since their parents announced separation, both Hrehaan & Hridhaan have been juggling in-between the couple. While Hrithik takes some time off his schedule to take his kids for vacations abroad, mother Susanne looks after their domestic activities.

One just can imagine what those little kids must have been going through. The entire family is busy in making the lives of their tiny tots more easy.

Recently, Hrithik shared a pic where his father Rakesh Roshan is seen fixing up delicious breakfast for his grandkids in this kitchen.

Hrithik posted this photo with a caption, "Breakfast for champions by d grandchampion himself. Little joys. Have a wonderful sunday guys!"

It seems granddad Rakesh is doing his bit to ensure that kids are relishing on healthy food in their mother's absence.