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I Am Not Scared Of Aging, Says Aamir Khan

PTI 03 Jan 2010, 18:03:51 IST

He plays a 22-year-old college student in his latest film '3 Idiots', but superstar Aamir Khan says that he is not scared of aging and looks forward to playing an old man on screen.

The 44-year-old actor who has spent more than two decades in the world of showbiz, said that he is not afraid of wrinkles, even though he still feels like a 21-year-old. 

Answering a question as to whether he chooses to play only young characters to delay the aging process, Aamir jokingly replied, "Who says I am aging? I joined the film industry twenty years back and after twenty years, I now feel like I am 21.

In that period I have just aged a year."  He then added on a serious note, "I am not afraid of growing old because it is inevitable and there is no point running from it. I am not averse to playing an old man because I want to do all kinds of roles."  

The actor whose is winning rave reviews for his turn as Rancho, an engineering student who thinks out of the box, says that he is not interested in any awards, including the coveted Oscars.  "It is actually the audience who tell us how successful we have been in our work. I don't have an interest in any award. And yes, I am including Oscar in the list," said Aamir. PTI