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I Like Directing Multi Starrers, Says Anees Bazmee

PTI 07 Dec 2010, 16:22:31 IST
Mumbai, Dec 7: Writer-director Anees Bazmee says directing multi-starrers is his forte since he believes cinema is larger than life.

"I like directing multi-starrers and believe that cinema should be larger than life. There is a difference between on-screen and off-screen situations. There is clarity in my approach while dealing with a host of stars in a film. Everyone's basic interest is that the film should do well," Anees told PTI.

The director of movies like 'No Entry', 'Singh is King', 'Welcome' said business of cinema is most important for him.

"I don't believe in having a target audience. It is very important to satisfy everybody and I feel this is a challenge. I believe cinema should be larger than life. There is a difference between on-screen and off-screen situations," he added.

Anees said his upcoming film 'No Problem' with Anil Kapoor, Sanjay Dutt and Akshaye Khanna was in the popular mainstream genre.

Speaking about his producer Anil Kapoor, Anees said Anil is a friend and his suggestions are always welcome.

"But, he gives a free hand to his directors. Anil is basically an actor and steps in as producer only if there is big problem," he added.

"He is a brilliant actor and a nice person. Both of us have got a good tuning since the time we worked together for 'Deewangee'. In some scenes, he had emoted so well that I felt the actor of his calibre should be utlised differently," Anees recalled.

The director said initially Akshaye was not comfortable doing comedy and donning a female garb for a particular scene.

"When I narrated the scene to him, he liked it. I told him that if he felt the scene was interesting, enacting it would be more thrilling since the situation itself was extremely interesting," Anees recalled.

Anees said even Kangana has tried her hand at comedy for the first time.

"Kangana is a very good actress but she was typecast in particular genre. She wanted to do something different," he added.

According to him, Sanjay Dutt's face exudes innocence and vulnerability and was perfect for his role in 'No Problem'.

Anees said he believes comedy is a serious business and a created comic scene falls flat.

"Comedy should not be created but should be situational. I have written some of my best comedy scenes when I was in an extremely bad mood," he said. PTI