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Jacqueline Fernandez amazes in two distinct looks for double role in 'Roy' (see pics)

India TV Entertainment Desk 20 Nov 2014, 10:12:15 AM IST
India TV Entertainment Desk

New Delhi: After pleasing everyone with an impressive performance in Kick, Jacqueline Fernandez is all set to spill her charm on audience once again.

Jacqueline's upcoming project is 'Roy' where she will be playing double role for the very first time.

In the movie, Jacqueline plays two characters Ayesha and Tia. Ayesha is a film director while Tia is an art enthusiast.

The 29-year-old will be sporting two completely different looks, one of a movie director and the other of an art director.

The actress will be seen romancing alongside her co-stars Arjun Rampal and Ranbir Kapoor.
The film's producer Bhushan Kumar has already lavished praise on Jacqueline Fernandez's performance.

“This is the first time one will see Jacqueline in a double role. Both her roles are contrasting and will grip the audience attention,” Bhushan Kumar recently said in a statement.

As an art enthusiast named Tia, Jacqueline will be seen in a sophisticated classy look with cropped hair opposite Ranbir Kapoor in the film.

As Tia Jacqueline will be seen in short wavy hair, eye-shades, and lip-colour.

As movie director Ayesha in the film, the Sri Lankan beauty will be dressed very casually with her long tresses and accessories including bands and bracelets.

She will complete her look with a tattoo on her neck and wrist.

It seems that actress Jacqueline Fernandez is itching for bigger acting challenges now.

In both the looks Jacqueline is looking every inch of beautiful.

Roy stars Ranbir Kapoor and Arjun Rampal opposite Jacqueline. The character of Tia, the art enthusiast, will be paired with Ranbir.  The film's ending parts are currently being shooting in Mumbai.

Directed by Vikramjit Singh, Roy is slated to hit theaters on February 13 next year.