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John Hires An Auto To Go Home

PTI 10 Aug 2011, 16:12:59 IST

Bollywood hunk John Abraham, known for his love for bikes, hired an auto rickshaw to return to his Bandstand home after he was stuck in a jam, says a media report.  

John, the report said, was stuck in a traffic jam while returning home from a shoot in Powai.

The actor not only took his leading lady Genelia in the three-wheeler but also drove the vehicle, after a few tips from the auto driver.

John was shooting in Powai with Genelia for Vipul Shah's Force. Being stuck in a jam for quite some time, John decided to take a shorter route and a smaller mode of transport.

A source from the unit revealed, “There was a massive traffic jam in Powai. Deciding that he had had enough, John got off his car and waved an auto. Genelia too joined him. After a point in time, John decided that he wanted to drive the vehicle.

"He drove the auto through a small kachcha road. After he hit the main road, the auto driver took over again. The driver was too happy to have John and Genelia ride with him.”