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Karan Johar Gets A Love Poem On Kisses

PTI 04 Jan 2010, 12:59:58 IST

Bollywood director Karan Johar has got a letter from a female fan who has not only proposed but also sent a love poem on smooches, says a media report. 

Karan Johar might write reams and reams on romance and love (including showing an intense romance between Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol in My Name Is Khan) but in real life, when it comes to proposals, he is now  tongue-tied.

A source close to Karan said, "Though KJo has been getting marriage proposals for a long time now, this is the first time someone has sent such a cute love poem with the proposal and a love note. The letter has eight pages. 

When Karan got the letter, he squirmed with embarrassment. 

The source adds that when the fan, Leena Joshi, sent him the eight-page love letter Karan tried to hide it from everyone. 

In office, the letter is called "The Kissing Letter -- it has all kinds of kisses mentioned in it. Then she asks him to do a photo-session with him, invites him for coffee and a candlelight dinner with him. At the end, she requests him to be her life partner as she loves him so much and ends with a romantic shayari." 

When asked about it Karan Johar said , "It is too embarrassing to talk about. Please don't ask me such things!"

Kiss ka khat

Letter Full Of Kisses:
The letter's first page reads:
Dearest Karan Johar,
Because we are in love
I like
Day kisses, night kisses,
Hard kisses, light kisses,
Slow kisses, fast kisses,
First kisses, last kisses,
Low kisses, high kisses,
Bold kisses, shy kisses,
Spring kisses, fall kisses,
Any and all kisses,
More, more, more and more kisses
Just so they are your kisses
Love you lots!
Leena Joshi
Jaana jaana kiss you all day and night
Jaana jaana kiss you all day and night
Jaana jaana kiss you all day and night
Wanna wanna kiss you day and night
Wanna wanna kiss you day and night