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Kareena To Choose Between Salman, SRK

PTI 07 Aug 2011, 16:16:22 IST

Mumbai, Aug 7: Bollywood star Kareena Kapoor has to choose between any of the arch rival superstars Salman and Shah Rukh Khan.

Her latest film Bodyguard , co-starring Salman, is slated to be this year's big Eid release when it opens on August 31. Naturally, Salman wants her to be around for the film's promotional activities around the time.

The catch is :Kareena will be in Dubai on August 31 because she is already committed to perform at SRK's live show at the emirate state, on the occasion of Eid, says a media report.

Salman, the report says, is upset with the situation but he has not openly revealed his displeasure.

“ August 31 happens to be a Wednesday. Salman has broken the tradition of a Friday release to ensure Bodyguard opens on Eid which will fall either on Wednesday or on Thursday. But if Kareena flies off to Dubai she will miss the final publicity campaign stint, which has become vital for every big- budget film these days,” said an industry source.

For Salman, Eid has been very lucky lately.

In 2009, his film Wanted released during the Eid weekend and was a superhit. Last year, Dabangg opened during Eid and ended up as the biggest blockbuster of 2010.

“Salman wants to leave no stone unturned for Bodyguard 's success. Kareena's absence could be a problem since it has been primarily pitched as a romantic comedy,” the source said.

For Kareena, however, performing in Dubai with SRK is equally important. Her next big release is Ra. One , this year's big Diwali release.

“Dubai happens to be one of SRK's biggest markets. It is important that the he builds up the right hype for Ra. One in Dubai. The live show is meant to kickstart the film's publicity campaign,” said the source.

At a recent do that she participated in with Salman, Kareena was asked which Khan she preferred and she promptly replied: “ Salman Khan”. Salman's retort was blunt. “ She is like those smart kids,” he said. “ You ask the kid who he loves more — papa or mummy — in front of his mother and he says, ‘ mummy'. In front of the father, he will say, ‘ papa'.”

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