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Katrina rakes in Rs 7 cr for paint brand endorsement

PTI 03 Aug 2012, 13:54:12 PM IST
Mumbai: Bollywood star Katrina Kaif has charged Rs 7 crore for endorsing a paint brand, making her the highest paid female endorser in Bollywood, says a media report.

For endorsing the paint brand, buzz is that Kat has charged the company a whopping Rs 7 crore.

Kareena Kapoor had earlier set the record at Rs 5 crore for a cola brand.

The report quoted a source: “Katrina is in her peak period with three big films in her kitty. She also has a major fan following among the youth of the country.

"Now she has 12 brand endorsements too.The same brand is also being endorsed by Shah Rukh Khan.

" The deal has come through at the right time since her first big film of the year is releasing this Eid. Kat's film with SRK will also release soon after.”