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When Ranveer Singh-Parineeti Chopra got grilled on 'Barely Speaking with Arnub'!

India TV News Desk 13 Nov 2014, 14:36:41 PM IST
India TV News Desk

No celebrity, or star guest gets insulted on a show unless...they are on being 'Barely Speaking with Arnub'!

We have seen him torturing his guests with his 'non-sensical' wit, abrupt insults and over-obsession with self, but what still makes us like 'Arnub', he never fails it to repeat with every star guest on his show.

Recently, when Shah Rukh Khan arrived on his show, 'The Qtiyapa Guy' Arnub barely let him go with his dignity or even intelligence intact! So how could we have expected him to act sane with others?

In the latest episode of 'Barely Speaking with Arnub', we see the talented trio Ranveer Singh, Parineeti Chopra and Ali Zafar coming in to promote (or they actually though they did?) their upcoming film ‘Kill Dil', but what happened next was totally unexpected.

Our very own, 'The Qtiyapa Guy'Arnub in his imitable style grilled them one by one leaving them red-faced. As we know, it's Arnub's show, and hence nobody can dare to take the limelight but him!

While introduction Arnub failed to recognize 'Ranveer Singh' and called him the guy Ranvijay from Roadies. He also told him to watch out for his cleavage!

Even Parineeti Chopra was not spared, most epic insult was when Arnub took barbs on her eating habits and poked fun at her saying, how she could never be in a sports film like her sister as there is a not sport for 'Eating'.

He also mention how Parineeti mistook, 'Shuddh Desi Romance' for ‘Shuddh Desi Ghee'.

Although the guests tried to play our host also by hurling a few insults but it was no match for what Arnub did to them.

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