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Kumkum Bhagya: Will Abhi find out Pragya's love for him on Karva Chauth?

India TV News Desk 31 Oct 2015, 12:58:06 IST
India TV News Desk

New Delhi: The hit television show Kumkum Bhagya gave serial buffs a couple they would love: Abhi and Pragya. Although their marriage started on a sour note, Abhi eventually fell for Pragya's innocence.

The serial took a nasty turn when Pragya turned away from Abhi. She changed herself completely and made Abhi realise that she doesn't love him anymore. Though her intentions are pure, Abhi doesn't know it.

In his quest to find some redeeming qualities in Pragya, he imagines that maybe she has kept fast for him on Karva Chauth. In the upcoming episodes, fans of the show will see Pragya dressed up in a red and gold saree. This makes Abhi wonder if she is faking all the hatred part.

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Tanu also thinks on similar lines like Abhi. Pragya rubbishes both their hopes. She acts like she is eating a lot of food. Poor Abhi buys her acting and goes on believing that Pragya has no feelings for him in his heart.

We wonder when Pragya will shed her role of being the evil one and tell Abhi the truth. Even if she doesn't, don't you think it is high time Abhi realised that Pragya is his only soul mate?

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