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'Kumkum Bhagya': Pragya is Abhi's lucky mascot

IANS 05 Nov 2014, 12:00:17 PM IST

Mumbai: In the TV show "Kumkum Bhagya", recently Abhi got a deal of performing in a big musical concert. While everyone is giving credit to Pragya for Abhi's achievement, Abhi also feels that Pragya is his lucky mascot. Abhi is rehearsing for the concert and has allowed Pragya to stand near him to motivate him.
In the beginning Abhi and Pragya used to hate each other and tied the knot for their families happiness but now it seems that slowly they have started liking each other. Let's see what will be Tanu's new plan to separate the couple. The show airs Mon-Fri at 9 pm on Zee TV.