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Madhuri Praises Hrithik's Role In Guzaarish

PTI 01 Dec 2010, 13:59:03 IST
The first film Madhuri Dixit-Nene watched after landing in Mumbai a week ago was her Devdas director Sanjay Leela Bhansali's Guzaarish (she hasn't watched his last film Sawaariya), says a media report.

She has come away impressed with Hrithik Roshan's portrayal of a quadriplegic in the film. She called him to shower praises on him saying it was one of the best performances she had seen in a long time.

A source close to Hrithik discloses, "He was shocked and thrilled when Madhuri called him on Sunday and chatted with him for 20 minutes about how much she had loved his performance.

"She told Duggu that Ethan was the most difficult character she's seen on celluloid and his portrayal blew her mind."

Hrithik has great regard for the Dhak Dhak girl and her words meant the world for him.

Madhuri complimented him on everything from his voice, to the look in the eyes and told him that she found Hrithik's dance sheer poetry.

She admits, "Yes I did call up Hrithik to praise him on his brilliant performance in the movie. He played a quadriplegic and it's so difficult to do such a role as there's no body language.

"He emoted with his eyes so convincingly. I've heard that he really worked very hard on his role.

"I told him that he was unbelievably good and he said he could now retire! Even Aishwarya and all the actors have done a good job. Sanjay has made a beautiful film."

Madhuri reminisces, "I remember when I was shooting for his dad's film Kishan Kanhaiya I heard Hrithik (who was assisting Rakesh Roshan) saying Anil's dialogues loudly in front of the mirror.

"I felt he had lot of potential and told him so. Of course he was embarrassed. I had discovered the germ of Hrithik's talent and sincerity even then. He is still the same as hard-working as ever!"