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Priest solemnises canine wedding in Kyaa Super Kool Hain Hum, MP demands ban

PTI 18 Aug 2012, 17:00:34 IST
New Delhi, Aug 18 : Congress MP Shantaram Naik, elected from Goa, has demanded a ban on Ekta Kapoor's film Kyaa Super Kool Hain Hum, in which a Christian priest has been shown solemnizing the wedding of a dog with a bitch.

“A scene shows a priest sprinkling holy water when a bitch and a dog engage in sexual act. Actor Anupam Kher in the film says Mother Mary said that his dead mother was reincarnated as a bitch. There are many other dialogues which can hurt sentiments of the Christian community,” Naik said in the Rajya Sabha during Zero Hour.

“These scenes have hurt the religious sentiments of the Christian community which holds a priest in high esteem. A priest is not only bestowed with serious religious duties but is supposed to be guide and philosopher to many members of the community,” the MP added.

On Thursday, the Congress formally demanded a ban on the comedy film and the arrest of Ekta Kapoor on similar ground.

Congress legislator Reginaldo Lourenco said the Goa government should ban the film in the same manner it banned the controversial film Da Vinci Code, for offending religious sentiments.