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Nathalia Kaur to do Jism 3

PTI 09 Aug 2012, 9:25:07 IST
Mumbai: Filmmaker  Pooja Bhatt  has plans to  make the third edition of Jism with Nathalia Kaur in the lead.

"For 'Jism 3', we are considering Nathalia as my father (Mahesh Bhatt) suggested me to do so. He has a knack of choosing the right kind of new talent. We are thinking of her but nothing is finalised yet," Pooja Bhatt said.  

"The third part will have four main players it could be two heroes, two heroines or three heroes and one heroine. We haven't thought of the exact number of actors and actress yet.

"We might repeat one of the male actors from 'Jism 2'," she said. The third part will go on floors from April and is likely to release during winter 2013", she said.

"Then we would go ahead with 'Jism 4' in 2014. It is just a coincidence that the year, ending with 3 (2013) will have 'Jism 3' and 4 (2014) will have 'Jism 4'. I don't know how far we will take the 'Jism' franchise. I have not planned it yet," Pooja said.

'Jism 2' is a sequel to the 2003 release of the same name, which starred Bipasha Basu and John Abraham in the lead.

"I was anxious. The film had no big star cast, we did not have Salman Khan in the film but it did quite well at the box office. I was taking a bigger risk by having Sunny in my film putting her in front of a conservative crowd here. People thought with Sunny in the film, they will get to see more of sexual and sensual content but that was a myth," Pooja said.

Brazilian model-turned-actress Nathalia Kaur was launched by Ram Gopal Varma to do an item number 'Dan Dan' in his film Department.

The erotic thriller Jism 2, featuring  Sunny Leone with Randeep Hooda and Arunoday Singh,  was made on a budget of Rs 6-7 crore and has collected Rs 21 crore in its opening weekend.

"The film has earned Rs 21 crore, I think we have got a great opening. Generally filmmakers do not release their movies during Ramzan as not many people go to watch it. But this film has done well especially in places like UP, Bhopal, Punjab and others. It worked for us," she said.