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No Bollywood dance, play sports, British PM Cameron advises schools

India TV News Desk 10 Aug 2012, 22:02:51 PM IST
India TV News Desk
London, Aug 10: Keen to take forward Team GB's success beyond the London Olympics, British Prime Minister David Cameron today said schools should spend more time on competitive sports than on ‘Indian dance', a remark that raised several eyebrows.

Hopping across television studios this morning, Cameron defended his decision to scrap the target of two hours for sports in schools, and regretted that instead of sports, schools were spending the time doing things like ‘Indian dance'.

Cameron said: “I see it with my own children... because you know, the two hours that is laid down is often met through sort of Indian dancing classes. Now, I've got nothing against Indian dancing classes but that's not really sport.”

He added: “The trouble we have had with targets up to now, which was two hours a week, is that a lot of schools were meeting that by doing things like Indian dance or whatever, that you and I probably wouldn't think of as sport, so there's a danger of thinking all you need is money and a target. If that was the solution we would have solved the problem by now.”

Indian dance - better known here as ‘Bollywood dancing' - is growing in Britain, with several workshops and dance classes teaching the steps accompanied by popular Hindi film songs.

Besides its cultural value, ‘Bollywood dance' is also seen as an exercise, but contrary to Cameron's remark, there have been few instances of it being taught or performed regularly in schools.

Cameron's remarks prompted a wave of online comments by readers who ridiculed the prime minister.  Many believed that ‘Indian dance' was a form of exercise, while some joked how ‘Team Bollywood GB' would do if ‘Bollywood dance' were included in Olympics.