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No intolerance, its only in Karan's mind, says Prakash Jha

PTI 23 Jan 2016, 23:32:23 IST

Pune: Taking a swipe at Bollywood filmmaker Karan Johar for his recent comments, director Prakash Jha said there is no "intolerance" in the country and the society is strong.

The 63-year-old helmer was here to promote his upcoming film "Jai Gangaajal".

When asked about his take on the statement Johar made about intolerance, Jha said, "He (Johar) had talked about his own state of mind and not the current state of the country. Why should we worry about his state of mind? He just described his mental state and it is his right to express himself." Jha said he personally feels that "there is no situation like intolerance in the country".

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"Our society is strong and we have been respecting each other cultures and communities," he added.

Johar's controversial remarks on intolerance, kicked up a storm with the Congress hitting out against the Modi government accusing it of stifling freedom of expression and BJP dismissing the criticism saying India is the most tolerant country.

Wading into the intolerance debate, Johar had said, "The talk about freedom of expression is the biggest joke I believe in the world. Democracy is the second biggest joke I think."