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Satyajit Ray inspired me: photographer Nemai Ghosh

IANS 15 Nov 2014, 6:58:05 AM IST

Kolkata: Known as legendary Indian filmmaker Satyajit Ray's photographer, veteran lensman Nemai Ghosh acknowledged the icon's inspiration wasthe reason his images were so "lively".

Ghosh revisited the days spent with the famous storyteller during the launch of his black and white photo book 'Kolkata' that commemorates the city, its various facets and the people who have given it the distinct identity.

"Manik Da (Satyajit Ray) had always inspired and indulged me to click photographs, otherwise they wouldn't be as lively as they are," said Ghosh at the launch here.

The prolific photographer was associated with Ray for almost 25 years.

The book showcases the bustling metropolis, formerly known as Calcutta, through the lens of the ace photographer who has captured images from the mass political gathering of the 1960s to moments in present day Kolkata.

The release was organized by Harper Collins Publishers India and Kolkata Literary Meet at The Calcutta Club Wednesday. Director Sujoy Ghosh was in conversation with the artist.

When quizzed on his craft, Ghosh said he is more of an intuitive photographer and prefers candids.

"You have to have the picture in your mind to frame it. I click with my intuition and so I prefer clicking candid," Ghosh said, adding he is more comfortable clicking pictures in black and white. "It fascinates me," he said.

The tome has a foreword penned by Bollywood megastar Amitabh Bachchan and text written by noted author Shankarlal Bhattacharya.

According to Bhattacharya, Ray once said "Nemai is my gospel with the camera".