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VIDEO VIRAL: This hilarious 'Fat Barber' behind-the-scenes video from PK will blow your mind!

India TV News Desk 05 November 2014, 15:51
India TV News Desk

Aamir Khan's PK movie teasers are already getting utmost media coverage and making us rolling on the floor laughing (ROFL).

Before we could switch our mind to something else, Mr. Perfectionist lands up with yet another teaser bomb to tickle our funny bone.


This time it is not the movie trailer but behind-the-scenes footage of a particular movie scene which has been spreading humor gas and also catching the eyeballs.

The production team of Aamir Khan and Anushka Sharma starrer ‘PK' released the video of funny moments during the shooting of ‘Fat Barber' sequence in the movie.

In this, Khan is shown pulling out the pajama wedged between the fat barber's butt cheeks.

Eeeeeewwww! Yuck! (Probably your reaction after reading about the sequence)

But, I bet you after watching this video you cannot stop yourself from laughing.

Even Aamir khan faced great difficulty in keeping his face straight (expressionless) while shooting the sequence.

Watch the video and have 1 minute 46 second long giggling session and please don't blame us for the stomach pain (out of laughing) after it.