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Preity Zinta To Sue Websites For Publishing False Reports

PTI 04 Dec 2010, 16:45:34 IST
Bollywood star Preity Zinta is going to sue at least seven websites for crores of rupees after they published reports based on allegedly fabricated information about her being into substance abuse, says a Bombay Times report.  

The actress is upset that the sites have even reported that they have seen her name stored in a cocaine dealer's phone and that the person also had a picture of her using the drug. The reports also claimed that Preity had checked into a rehab programme in the US.

According to a Bollywood source, Preity has already taken up the matter with the Cyber Cell of the Mumbai Police and got in touch with her lawyer.  

She is not taking this lightly as the same news has been churned out to several websites and it looks like the source is the same person.  

According to Preity, the news is totally fabricated and she has demanded that the sites share the picture in which she is taking coke, with her legal aides. The actress claims her brand image and equity is at stake because of such news and she intends to get to the bottom of this.

Preity was recently harassed by a Delhibased person and she is doubting that this man is responsible for spreading rumours because of her fallout with him. Sources say that preliminary research from Preity's end has revealed that the source of the damaging information is in Delhi.  

Though Preity could not be contacted for comment, her spokesperson admitted that legal action is being taken to see that such false information doesn't damage Preity's image and equity.  

Preity apparently has been unnerved by such shocking reports, but she is definitely not going to take it lying low. Once she gets confirmed verification on the identity of the person who is spreading such rumours, she will shoot off a legal notice and sue the person without any delay.