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Priyanka Caught In Midst Of London Riots

PTI 11 Aug 2011, 15:12:49 IST

London, Aug 11: Bollywood star Priyanka Chopra was in London when the riots took place.  “It's tragic and I feel sad to see London burning”, said Priyanka in an interview  to AP.

Said Priyanka: “I was actually having dinner last night and my phone, I saw some 38 missed calls and I was like, ‘What happened?' That usually happens when I get involved in controversy. So I was like, ‘My god, not again.' And I picked up the phone and everyone's like, ‘Are you OK? Are you OK?'

“I had no idea it was happening. It's scary and more than anything, you don't associate something like that with London, you don't.

“London is one of the most cosmopolitans cities that I know. Yes, I understand from what I hear, the little bit that I know that blame-game is happening between the government and the people and what's happening.
“I guess there's always people that are going to take a side, I don't think a city like this deserves violence and it shouldn't have it. And it's tragic and I feel sad to see London burning. It does.”

Andy Serkis, who stars in the new film “Rise of the Planet of the Apes,” said he attended a screening for the film on Monday when the power went out in the theatre.
“Everyone was wondering whether it was something to do with the riots going on at the moment,” he said.

But Serkis believes the attackers aren't on a clear mission.

“What's strange about the riots is that they're kind of sporadic and they seem kind of unrelated or unfocused. They seem to be more about anger as opposed too particular issue,” he said.

The director of “Apes” agrees with Serkis' thoughts.

“It's always interesting when these riots happen and they're not about anything, I think it all started because of a shooting of a man, it seems now that it's all about the looting,” Rupert Wyatt said.

Darren Hayes, the pop singer best known for his role in the group Savage Garden, says he's seen lots of tragic events like this one.

“The riots in London, it's terrifying, but unfortunately I think it's kind of an indication of the era that we live in,” he said.

“There's a lot of unrest and personally I lived in America during September 11 and it was terrible. And I was in London for the London bombings, so I wouldn't say it's an usual occurrence. It's just a sad fact of modern living and I hope that it ends soon.” AP