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Priyanka Turns Down Rs 3 Cr Offer For New Year Eve Dance

PTI 03 Dec 2010, 11:03:56 IST
Even though she is being paid more than them, Bollywood star Priyanka Chopra is in no mood to join the bandwagon of Bipasha Basu, Mallika Sherawat & Co.Mumbai Mirror reports that Priyanka recently turned down a Rs 3 crore offer to do a sensuous dance at a five-star hotel for New Year's Eve.

The report said, this amount offered to her was actually double of what she would demand for a role in a film (Rs 1.5 crore, at last count).

Pryanka was asked to do as little as 3 hours of actual work to earn Rs 3 crore.

The schedule of a film is much longer, going into months. So why did Priyanka turned down such a profitable offer?

The answer is, says the report, her diva image that she has been painstakingly building up over the last few years.

A source close to Priyanka told Mumbai Mirror, “A 5-star hotel in Andheri came up with an offer to Priyanka asking her to gyrate at the forthcoming New Year's Eve. Priyanka turned them down politely.”

Explaining why Priyanka declined, the source added, “Priyanka is very uncomfortable dancing in hotels in front of a live audience. She doesn't get a very good feeling in doing such performances. Yes, Rs 3 crore is a very tempting amount. But despite the hotel officials coaxing her, Priyanka was adamant that she wouldn't toe the line.”