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Punjab Agrees To Lift Ban On 'Aarakshan' After Cuts

PTI 12 Aug 2011, 20:12:05 IST

Chandigarh, Aug 12: The Punjab government today agreed to lift the ban on the release of Prakash Jha's ‘Aarakshan' (reservation) on the condition the producers delete certain scenes and dialogues from the movie.  

The government, which had imposed the ban on the Amitabh Bachchan starrer yesterday, decided to allow the release after the report of a 7-member committee, which was constituted to review the film. The committee has recommended certain cuts. Unless these conditions are fulfilled, the ban on the release of the film will remain in force.

The committee, which had a preview of the movie last night, has objected to the dialogue by Saif Ali Khan regarding hard work done by Dalits. A background couplet being played criticizing the reservation policy cleared by the Supreme Court needs to be removed too.

“While weaving the story, there are certain objectionable words/dialogues which are against the norms of decency and provide a potential cause for the raising the tempers of certain communities. This may prove to be a disturbing factor in the society especially in Punjab where more than 31 per cent of the 2.77 crore population of Punjab belong to the weaker sections including the Scheduled Castes,” the committee said in its report.

“...Since the overall message of the movie is positive, the committee feels that the movie may be released in the State of Punjab after making the amendments as suggested above,” the committee added.

Earlier, Badal had said, “...if there is something objectionable and if they remove it no one will have any problems. We are very cautious...that is the reason there is peace in the State. Our priority is harmony and peace in the State.”

On August 10, the Mayawati government banned the film in UP for two months on the grounds that it could create law and order problem in the state. Every state has a provision where they can stop a film's release for two months.

During the period ban continues, the film shall be deemed to be an uncertified film in Punjab. PTI