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Rakhi To Call Off Her Wedding With Elesh

PTI 20 Sep 2009, 5:01:25 AM IST
Bollywood item girl Rakhi Sawant has cited  ‘irreconcilable differences' with Elesh and is expected to  announce that the marriage has been called off when her ongoing reality show ends, reports Mumbai Mirror.

As Rakhi is contract-bound, her close friend reveals, “They were never really meant to marry. In the last episode of Pati Patni Aur Woh, they will declare that they've called off their marriage.”

Rakhi refrains from answering whether she will actually marry Elesh or not. But hinting clearly that nothing of that sort will happen, she says, “Bahut farq hai hum dono mein. Elesh and I belong to different cultures.

He thinks West, while I think East. I don't think an Indian girl should marry a boy with Western values sic. During this new reality show, there were a lot of ups and downs between Elesh and me... well, there were more downs than ups.”