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Ram Gopal Varma insults Lord Ganesha on Twitter (read tweets)

India TV Entertainment Desk 30 Aug 2014, 8:54:35 AM IST
India TV Entertainment Desk

New Delhi: With the arrival of Ganesh Chaturthi in India, who knew that a few will even gaze at this occasion as a mere opportunity to gain limelight! One of the noted filmmaker of cinema industry, Ram Gopal Varma has created a stir with a series of his tweets that apparently trolls Lord Ganesha.

As the Ganpati festivities start surrounding the entire nation, mainly in Maharashtra, RGV has dared to come up with a few weird queries regarding Hindu God Lord Ganesha and his devotees.

Posting his first tweet, the director has asked the Lord Ganesha followers that how can someone who could not save his own head from being cut can save others. ‘Happy Ganpati to morons' was his tweet too.

Taking yet another jibe over this fun festival, Varma even questioned the reason for the celebration as he said “Can someone tell me if today is the day Ganesha was originally born or is it the day his dad cut his head off?”

And this is coming from a man who has himself utilized one of the most memorable Bollywood scenes of ‘Ganpati Visarjan' in his film, Satya. The film has an epic scene where Satya decides to take revenge from the villain Bhau who killed his best friend Bhikhu Mahtre. In the sequence, Satya stabs Bhau several times during the Ganpati immersion ritual.

Making fun and taking a dig with plenty of other controversial statements and questions, RGV has surely tried to extract spotlights amid such amusing revelry too.

His last post read mostly out of plane sarcasm as he said, “I would very much like to be educated on my queries on Ganesha by esteemed experts on the matter.”

Here are his series of tweets. Have a look and let us know about their justification!