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When Ramdev Baba gave surprise visit to Sanjay Dutt in jail

IANS 14 Jan 2016, 21:25:18 IST

Mumbai: Incarcerated Bollywood actor Sanjay Dutt had an unusual visitor in Yerawada Central Jail on Thursday -- yoga guru Ramdev, official sources said.

Sporting his trademark saffron mendicant's attire, Ramdev had come to the jail for giving training in yoga to the inmates, mostly in white prison uniforms, where Dutt was also present.

After the yoga session on the sprawling campus, the yoga guru and the actor had a brief tete-a-tete in which the actor requested him to pray for his early release.

In fact, the two are not strangers to each other and had met at a private Ganeshotsav function in Mumbai in September last year when the actor was out on a month's parole.

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There has been talk in Bollywood of plans to make a biopic on Ramdev and his crusade against graft and corrupt politicians for which he has campaigned several times in the past.

Dutt is expected to be released from jail on February 25 after completing the remainder of his five-year term.