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Rani, Aditya To Tie The Knot : Report

PTI 11 Dec 2010, 10:02:49 IST
Bollywood actress Rani Mukerji and director Aditya Chopra are getting engaged in February, The Times of India reported.There are strong rumours that Rani Mukerji and Aditya Chopra are set to get engaged in February and tie the knot thereafter, says the report.

The report quoting top B-town sources says, the long-time lovers, who live across the road from each other (Adi's Vikas Park residence in Juhu is diametrically opposite Rani's Theosophical Society compound bungalow) and who are yet to admit to their relationship, are ready to walk down the aisle. The last two times the rumour about their marriage broke was in 2008 and 2009 respectively but Rani came out boldly, rubbishing them.

However this time, industry seniors, particularly close to the Yash Chopra camp, give us indications. The two apparently never confirmed their relationship because Aditya was locked in a bitter divorce case with Payal Khanna, his childhood sweetheart. Adi, who married Payal when he was 30, filed for divorce in April 2009. They were connected even professionally as it was Payal who designed their plush production house.

Rani remained unavailable for comment, but her close friends denied any marriage plans. Incidentally Rani's No One Killed Jessica is being screened to the who's who of Delhi including politicians and armymen. Rani will be hosting a private screening only for Adi soon. Of course the media will not know what Adi thought of the film because he doesn't talk to the press.