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IIFA 2015: Deepika left blushing as Ranveer teases the most romantic way

India TV News Desk 09 Jun 2015, 18:11:28 PM IST
India TV News Desk

Ranveer-Deepika's romantic best moment at IIFA 2015

New Delhi: They colour coordinated their ensembles and then rocked the stage like they owned it - Ranveer and Deepika made for one of the most pleasant sites at IIFA 2015.

She appeared terrifically beautiful as always and for Ranveer, Deepika Padukone was the only focus of 'distraction' in the audience. Yes, isn't it cute how wonderfully this charming couple let each other feel the speciality they hold for each other.

As per the entire gossip surrounding the magnificent IIFA 2105, a very cute revelation has been done. The grapevine has it that when Deepika was seated in the front row, Ranveer Singh made a slight pass by commenting that "someone in the audience is very distracting."

Sure you have bubbled a lot awwwwws! in your head by now...yeah?

And this is not it, when Deepika was honoured with the 'Woman of the year' award; Ranveer made a thorough one-knee stand in front of the lady and recited a rather surprising shayari with that heart-shaped balloon in hand.

A lot of butterflies start flying in your stomach only with the imagination of this oh-so-romantic sight. And watching it would be a definite experience of another level isn't it?

IIFA 2015 holds an enormous arena of fun and amusement and we just can't wait to see it. Bring it on!