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Finally! Rashami Desai speaks up on her divorce with Nandish Sandhu; calls her marriage 'abusive'

India TV Entertainment Desk 06 Jan 2016, 15:03:20 IST
India TV Entertainment Desk

New Delhi: The New Year 2016 began on a rough note for TV actress Rashmi Desai, as the actress decided to part ways with her husband Nandish Sandhu.

Ever since the reports of their divorce have been confirmed, a lot has been said and written about the reason behind the divorce.

While Rashami's well-wishers blamed Nandish's philandering ways for the failure of their marriage, his friends believed the actress' possessive nature caused the damage.

Infact, there have been reports where Nandish Sandhu is reported confirming the new of his divorce and that he had given his 100 percent in his relationship. Somehow his statement made people point out on Rashami's incompetence that shattered their marriage.

Irked by the reports, Rashami Desai finally opened up on her divorce stating that her marriage was ‘ABUSIVE'!

Yes! It's true.

While talking to a web portal, Rashami was quoted saying, “I've never felt the need to explain myself or my relationship to anyone – but there are all sorts of rumours that pin point me and claim that Nandish is completely innocent. In a marriage, I know it's two people's responsibility – but my relationship was always abusive.”  

Arguing further, she added, “They're only printing one-sided articles about him giving his 100%, when it's just not true. What are you trying to prove? It's false information. We've had problems for three years now. Why did I leave the house? I've never spoken about this – but mujhe humesha ghar se nikala jaataa! If he gave his 100% yeh cheezein hoti hi nahi na”.

On being asked about Nandish's extra-marital affair, the actress said, “I have no idea if he's dating someone or not. But even if he is in a relationship, I don't have a problem. I wish him luck. He's free to lead his life the way he wants to. My best wishes are always there. I've never had the need to ask him if any rumour about him is true, neither do I need to know. But to point fingers at me and claiming you did everything to save it – I'm sorry, my relationship was always abusive! I've not been staying with him for more than 3 years now, and there are so many things I could've revealed about him if I wanted to.”

Nandish and Rashami met each other on the sets of ‘Uttaran' and tied the knot in February 2011. However, their relation hasn't been a smooth one since 2013. Though, the couple decided to give it another chance after they appeared on a dance based reality show Nach Baliye 7.