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Raveena Tandon's reaction on her 'abusive' viral video might just prove her 'tolerant' behaviour

India TV Entertainment Desk 15 Jan 2016, 18:17:17 IST
India TV Entertainment Desk

New Delhi: Actress Raveena Tandon might have taken a break from her Bollywood career but staying in news is not something which she has bid adieu to. Last night, she was embroiled in a controversy when an old video of her using abusive language went viral. After a lot of noise was made around it, the actress finally decided to shut her critics saying that it was a hilarious video.

Yesterday night, a Twitter user whose handle goes by the name of @Gnomebaba, posted a video of Raveena. In the video she was seen saying, “It has become too much. Freedom of press karke sabki maa-behen karte hai ye log.”

The user posted the video with a caption, “#India is definitely a #tolerant nation but can the same be said about you @TandonRaveena ?  Don't block me pls.”

The clip started going viral and elicited many gleeful reactions, especially from those who have had problems with Raveena's political views.

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It was then Raveena decided to stand up for herself. She tweeted, “I love this video of mine !!! Thanks ... It's been around for years -- 4 years to be precise ! It's hilarious!!!”

She then posted a series of tweets one of which read; “The media was invited-this,I knew the dialogue will be recorded/misused.The cameras were supposed to be off..”

Here are some other tweets by her:

Also, Raveena did not block the user who tweeted the video in the first place. Well post this ruckus, seems Raveena is tolerant after all.