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Red in 'Fitoor' metaphor for chinar leaves: Abhishek Kapoor

IANS 15 Jan 2016, 22:55:43 IST

New Delhi: Filmmaker Abhishek Kapoor says that the tinge of red seen in the posters of his forthcoming film "Fitoor" is a metaphor for the chinar leaves found in Kashmir.

Starring actors Katrina Kaif, Aditya Roy Kapur and Tabu, "Fitoor", which has been shot in Kashmir to an extent, has Katrina flaunting red hair while the posters of the film have a brush off of red to its frames.

"The red in 'Fitoor' is like the chinar leaves when they turn red. They are so enchanting and so fascinating, just like the leading ladies in our film. They also got red hair and they can be very captivating and seductive, " Kapoor told IANS in a group interview at the press launch of the film's song "Pashmina" here.

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"Fitoor", based on Charles Dickens's novel "The Great Expectations", will release on February 12.